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Fundraising with Tin Can Kettle Corn is a great and easy way to raise funds for your team/group. 50% of each bag sold goes back towards your fundraising efforts. All flavors are sold at $10 each and your team/group keeps $5 from each bag sold.

100 Bags = $500 Profit

200 Bags = $1,000 Profit

500 Bags = $2,500 Profit

Example: If you have a team of 12 players and each player sold 10 bags

that would be a total of $600 raised!!

How to Get Started Fundraising

1. Contact Tin Can Kettle Corn - Fill out our online form or reach out to to notify us of your fundraising campaign. We'll be available to assist you with any questions you may have about the products or fundraising.


2. Determine Team/Group Coordinator – This will be the person who handles collecting all forms and funds from each person and works with Tin Can Kettle Corn to place team/group order.


3. Determine Team/Group Goal – Also consider an individual goal for each person. 10 bags per person is a great starting goal!


4. Set Start/End Date for Fundraiser – Usually 2 weeks is a good timeframe to set for this fundraiser.


5. Sales Pitch -Explain fundraising to team/group and ensure everyone has their “sales pitch” as to why they are fundraising. Sample: Hi my name is Sam and I am with Team XXX and we are selling popcorn to raise funds to help us purchase uniforms for our upcoming tournament in TN. 50% or $5 of every bag sold goes directly towards our team goal. Can I interest you in a bag or two? There are 6 amazing flavors to choose from. My personal favorite is Movie Butter!!


6. Fundraising Packets - Distribute fundraising packet to each person, which should include flavor sheet and order form. Be sure to determine who checks should be made out to, if necessary.


7. Collect Order Forms/Funds - Once Team/Group Coordinator has collected all completed forms, he/she will contact Tin Can Kettle Corn directly to place order and schedule delivery of products. Team/Group will keep the 50% raised and remaining 50% payment will be expected for entire campaign before popcorn is delivered. Payments can be made via Venmo or Check/Cash.


8. Delivery of Popcorn – Popcorn will be delivered or picked up by Team Coordinator who will determine date/time products will be delivered to team/group to be distributed to individual supporters.


To start your Fundraising Campaign or if you have any questions, please contact us at:

Fundraising Form Links

Flavor Page


Fundraiser Form

Sales Totals Form

(for coordinators)

Interested in learning more about fundraising with Tin Can Kettle Corn?

Please fill out this form and someone from our team will be in touch soon!

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